MacGyver Tech

Welcome to MacGyver Technologies Unlimited. 

Have you ever broken anything and you cannot fix it? Have you any ideas on things that you want or need but you happen to be too broke to afford it? Do you have anything you need made or fixed unoffically, with the sole purpose is getting things that need working to work? If you had answered yes to the last question, then your last resort is calling MacGyver. When the phone answers, you will be asked a couple of questions on about waht you need and the most probable answer would be "I'm not 100% sure I can do it, but I can take a look at it." Upon hearing this answer, you now have reassurance that there's gonna be 99% probability of your problem being solved. MacGyver fixes come with no warranty and MacGyver bears no responsibilty of anything happening (even death) due to poor maintenence. MacGyver offers no guarantee in successfully completing any task and takes no responsibility in the event of breaking anything further as long as the customer agrees to MacGyver tampering with anything that is agreed to. 

Anyways if you can't damn fix it yourself and you need it, I'm pretty sure it is worth the MacGyver risk with a 99% success rate. 

Serves any area within the range of Dublin Bus and would travel to any 32 counties of Ireland if travel expenses provided.